The nature is not waiting. If politicians and agricultural officials in the next few days strategies, such as short-term replacement for tens of thousands of seasonal labour forces from Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and other countries of Eastern Europe to organize, will be harvesting on a portion of the vegetables used in Germany surfaces in this summer of nothing to.

Because of the travel restrictions and border controls on entry to Germany in the last days, was to the hurdles. Now the Federal government has extended the Ministry of the interior in the past week introduced entry restrictions on seasonal workers.

fruit and vegetable farmers to see not only their existence, but also the self-sufficiency of the population at risk. In the “daily mirror” warns Simon Schumacher from the Association of southern German asparagus and strawberry growers (VSSE) that without the policy “inevitably, insolvencies gaps in the supply system” will tear.

asylum seekers and the unemployed for agriculture

In the Union’s win, there is now the idea to win asylum-seekers for the task.Local desperate farmers organize themselves in the Internet in order to find temporary employees who are not able to exercise due to the Corona-crisis normal Job.

by Enzo Weber, economy expert at the Institute for labour market and occupational research, sees this as a potential solution, for example, if a warehouse laborer to step in now, in agriculture, as he clarifies in an interview with FOCUS Online.

farmers are required to accept the help

at the same time, the farmers Association and the state of the economy have placed the Ministry in the Internet platforms so willing to Work and farmers together. The resonance is large.

“Now, above all, the farmers are required to take the help,” says Albert Stegemann (CDU), Chairman of the working group food and agriculture in the Union group. Who is currently on short-time work or without a job, could earn something and at the same time, something for the General public to afford.

logistics and Transport in the Corona times a Problem

Under the strict border controls, only the guest workers do not suffer during the logistics and Transport function only to a limited extent. Günther Jocher, member of the Board of the logistics company Group7, explains: “the controls, there is in Europe waiting times at the borders from one to two days.” FOCUS-Online-action #corona care: Germany helps!

The Corona-pandemic restricts the everyday life of the people in Germany. Especially for vulnerable groups such as seniors, everyday tasks are associated with a risk of infection. Therefore, now asked for solidarity! FOCUS Online has therefore launched the campaign “#corona care: Germany helps”. With you! All of the information you find here.

drivers who wanted to from Italy to Germany, would have to undertake not to stop in Austria. Anyone who wants to get in these times of cargo space, needs to respond flexibly, in part, to other European airports to Dodge. Because there is less overall flights. Passenger flights that carry cargo in the Luggage compartment, are barely on the go. For imports from China, the railway is an Alternative, says the logistics expert. From Shanghai to Duisburg or Hamburg, the 16 to 18 days.

the supply of the citizens and Green corridors for food and agricultural products.

still completely secured, calls for the head of the agricultural Committee in the European Parliament, Norbert Lins (CDU), in a letter to the EU Commission, which is the “daily mirror”, the so-called “green corridors” for food transports at the borders to introduce. Important from the point of view of the farmers is also that the free travel also applies to animal feed, fertilizers and plant protection products.

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