The US President Donald trump called on to take the Pulitzer prize from the American media for articles about “collusion” between Washington and Moscow. According to him, it’s “false news”, and the organizing Committee will be “disgraced” until you get the rewards back. Earlier, the “Pulitzer” for the article, directed against the authorities of the Russian Federation, received the New York Times.

The American media needs to take away the Pulitzer prize, received for the article about the “conspiracy” trump of Russia. This opinion was expressed during a press conference, the President of the United States Donald trump, reports TASS.

“Should be forced to return the Pulitzer prize back. Because they are all distorted. Because if you have seen today, new documents that were made public, they clearly see that there was absolutely no collusion with Russia”, — said the American leader.

According to trump, these awards were “not journalists, and thieves.” The award was unjust, he said, and the news was a fake news — “false news”. In addition, trump said that the organizing Committee of the “Pulitzer” will be covered with shame until he took prize ago.

“the Pulitzer prize should be awarded to those who wrote everything correctly. And I can give you a long list,” — said the President of the United States.

On 5 may the Russian Embassy in Washington, criticized the noted Pulitzer prize article of the newspaper the New York Times about the Russian authorities. The Embassy called the materials “a series of Russophobic lies” and recalled that a similar story happened in 2017, when the prize was awarded to the newspaper for articles about President Vladimir Putin.

“this series of articles The New York Times about Russia as a great collection of undiluted Russophobic fabrications that can be studied as a guide to create false facts”, — said Russian diplomats.

The New York Times won three awards in eight articles and videos including about the poisoning of businessman Hebrew in Bulgaria and about the alleged Russian interference in the Affairs of other States, such as Libya, Syria and the Central African Republic.

The material posted on the website of the organizing Committee of the Pulitzer prize, says that in the category “international journalism” marked by the newspaper The New York Times for “a series of exciting articles written with risk for life”, about the illegal actions of the Russian authorities. According to diplomats from Russia, the “big risk” this is only for reputation.

In an accompanying note it was not indicated what kind of materials the publication was awarded the prize. At the same time on the website of The New York Times said that the prize Committee noted the paper “a detailed description of the operations of Russia’s intervention” in the Affairs of other countries since the US presidential election in 2016.

“Three years ago the Pulitzer prize was already awarded The New York Times for the demonization of Russia. Such perishable “creativity” obviously requires periodic prestigious awards. The organizing Committee takes on more responsibility, highlighting in this way the anti-Russian materials on the claims that are repeatedly refuted by not only the official Russian persons, but also life itself,” — said at the Embassy.

“Pulitzer” is one of the most prestigious American awards in journalism. It is awarded annually since 1917 for the publication of Newspapers, magazines and websites in different genres. In addition, there is another Board, which gives awards in literature, music and theatre.

Trump has repeatedly called “witch hunt” investigation of the alleged “interference” of Russia in the course of the presidential elections in 2016. According to the American leader-Republican, Democrats initiated the inquiry, — “one of the darkest” chapters in the history of America.

To deal with the Russian “intervention” for a few years seized the front pages of Newspapers and primetime on television, Washington initiated the investigation, the head of which stood spectracolor USA Robert Mueller. The work of the Commission Muller lasted from the summer of 2017 — American law enforcement officers were looking for evidence of possible RF interference in the US presidential election in 2016. In March, 2019 Mueller presented the final report.

Evidence of the collusion of a team of U.S. President Donald trump with the Kremlin and Russian special services spectacular not found.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has approved the result of the work of Muller. According to the Russian leader, the report is objective and confirmed that there was no collusion between Russia and the current us administration.

“Despite the exotic nature of the Commission’s work Mr. Muller, I’ll give him that, overall, he has played a fair hearing,” — said Putin.