the Ukrainian pop singer and former soloist of “VIA gra” Anna Sedokova bought an apartment. Buying it boasted on his Instagram account.

“Who works hard and correctly set goals, he buys another apartment, — wrote the singer in a comment to the picture where she is posing against concrete walls. Now I’m looking for people to be repaired.” The singer asked followers to help in the search. She needs a designer, furniture maker, as well as recommendations on the selection of building materials and sanitary ware.

Sedokova plans to register the apartment in neoclassical style. “Dark wood, a little bit of gold and a lot of soft comfort. Free is not necessary, but for a million and we want the post, and then a photo of your apartment everywhere to use too. And no “we need three weeks to study the project”,” outlined their wishes for the star.

In may Sedokova revealed the secret and promised to become the “sexiest Granny”. The singer told that its interval of fasting: refuses to eat for 20 hours and then eating in the allotted four hours.