Five million francs, was the Federal cost of the renovation of the Federal building this summer. Over two months, the construction work lasted. Their main objective, according to the Federal government: “the sustainable elimination of weak points” identified by safety analyses over the years.

But now it shows itself more Secure, the Federal house is not since then – on the contrary. As the “Switzerland reported on the weekend”, has a month ago a convicted terrorist supporter, to the Federal house, without the security staff does any of this have noticed.

terrorist Propagandist took part in SP-occasion part

The Iraqis (41), was sentenced in 2014, due to Propaganda for the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda and to be purchased, took part in a SP event in the Parliament building. The theme of this evening was the political Situation in Turkey was; the SP had invited high-ranking representatives of the Turkish opposition parties CHP and HDP.

The man had spent as a media representative, and a cover name used, tells the SP in a Communiqué. You had been deceived. “If we had the background of the Person is known, we would have admitted it, of course, never to this Meeting”, is party-quotes-in-chief Christian Levrat (49).

From the point of view of the Left only they are not to blame, that the man made it to the Federal house. You had to show up sooner as a visitor, always a card is not provided for in the new security concept. In addition, there are no systematic controls on baggage are concerned, but the guests will only have to pass through a metal detector. The visit was remodeled entrance and guests will be re-controlled immediately after the input or at an elevated threat situation before.

“the Security system is not enough”

“The case shows that the new security is sufficient dispositive,” says SP General Secretary Michael Sorg to the “Sunday newspaper”. “It’s a security risk, because virtually everyone has access to the Federal house may provide.”

A second incident occurred a few days later, the SP law. Several dozen climate activists had disguised herself as a visitor group access to the Federal house gives. From the spectators ‘ tribune in the national Council hall, they unfurled a huge Banner and sang. The Transparent had you can in the absence of Luggage unmolested to the Federal house of smuggling.

The Fedpol and the parliamentary services, for the security in the Federal house in charge, want to be now over the books. You’ve identified “vulnerabilities and adaptations”, it says on the request of the “Sunday newspaper”. What exactly has been changed on the new security concept, you don’t want to say. For safety reasons, of course. (lha)