In Potsdam, a security guard at an asylum accommodation was killed. The suspected perpetrator is on the run. A local resident reports on her experiences with the residents of the community facility.

A security guard was killed in an asylum seekers’ accommodation in Potsdam. The police confirmed this in response to a request from FOCUS online. A spokeswoman declined to provide details about the perpetrator(s) or the course of events. The security guard was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries and died there.

According to the police, the suspected perpetrator is on the run and a suspect has already been identified by name. The area around the community facility at the Sanssouci Palace Park is currently cordoned off and a police operation is underway there. A local resident told FOCUS online that she was woken up by the road closure early in the morning.

She confirmed a report by the “B.Z.” newspaper that the majority of people living in the shared accommodation were Ukrainians. The building had previously been a hotel and was converted when the war began.

The residents never acted unusually. “They are completely normal and nice people. I have never had any negative experiences with them,” said the woman. However, it is normal that tensions can arise when many people are housed in a small space. A man who works in a nearby restaurant confirmed that he had not noticed any problems in the accommodation.

The police stress that there is currently no danger to the neighborhood. They are on site with a large contingent and are also searching the castle park. “It is very large, the operation will probably take a while,” the resident suspects. The Potsdam public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation on suspicion of homicide.