it is one of the Superstars in the German language area, filled with concerts, stadiums, and busy in the Charts is always one of the top places. However, as blow Queen-Helene Fischer (34) ticks actually private? Birgit Alsdorf, one of the biggest Fans ever, has been chatting to “image of women” now some of the secrets of the singer’s out – among other things related to food, music and leisure.

favorite series

Helene Fischer is a big Country Fan, so Alsdorf. Helene swarms, therefore, for the TV series “Nashville”.

favorite music

fishermen hear irsinnig like the music of Josh Groban and Kings Of Leon – two sizes of the Country genre. From the division of Rock and Helene also like Bands such as Bon Jovi and Kings of Leon.


From the previously mentioned musicians, it’s not. Helene finds Inspiration in the world star Celine Dion (51). In terms of the merit of your Idol is now even more obsolete! According to the U.S. magazine “Forbes” took Fischer 2018, more than world stars such as Dion and Britney Spears (37).


Idol Dion maybe, because this also has a foible for shoes? In the case of the canadian, there are 10’000 pieces, as you self-disclose. If Helene has so many in the closet? You can find the kicks anyway, “wherever it pleases me,” how you betrayed.

favorite food

Helene cook favorite Pasta, if you have time, says Alsdorf. “The tastes your always good.” If it must go fast, the blonde sausages taste, you prefer Bratwurst or Käsekrainer, knows the Insider.

favorite sport

in Addition to sporting excellence in their stage shows, the blonde likes to go out Jogging. However, with one caveat: Only when the weather is nice.

favorite animal

In the case of animals, there are for fishermen only one thing: horses: “Gorgeous animals, they look so elegant and proud, from radiation but at the same time, an incredible peace,” she says.

lovers of nature

Helene likes to be out in nature. Therefore, you go in the Winter for skiing in the mountains and in the summer on the lake. No wonder, builds you currently have your Villa on the Ammersee, directly on the water.


super hands for Superstar hair, is probably her Credo in terms of hairstyle. For Hairstyling, you comes to Berlin’s star Figaro Udo Walz (74). to keep

secret weapon

your voice in the shot, and also, your immune system stimulate, swears by Helene Fischer on ginger. “Whether in food or in drink,” as she told. (wyt)