For a long time, a feature that has been overlooked by many users, or ignored completely hidden in Google’s map service Google Maps: the Plus Codes. In 2014, these Codes were conceived as a so-called Open Location Code in a Google office in Zurich – you should simplify the Navigation around the world and have the stuff to make addresses unnecessary.

Each Plus Code is made up of six or seven letters and numbers, as well as a place names. Alternatively, there is a way of writing the ten letters and numerals, which made the specification of a place superfluous. Four letters of a Plus to have a place first, a coarse Grid of 100 × 100 kilometers, the 14 × 14 meters, is created by the way the letter boundaries of the site closer to a – for each square area as their own Code.

Google Maps: Plus Codes, replace the address

Plus Codes are meaningful, wherever one works, there is no (sufficiently accurate) addresses. The strokes to a secluded country, but also Parks, forests, or large places. At all of these places make it easier for Plus Codes, to transmit an exact location accurately, without the need for bulky coordinates. Who wants to go out on a large open space with friends, you can specify the location with a Plus Code. Following The letter Code is located directly below the Geo-coordinates.

Own Maps-Version for Plus Codes

In all of the countries in which Plus Codes are available, to Google Maps the Code of the location in the detail view. In the Apps for Android and iOS it is sufficient for the Code to tap in order to copy it to the clipboard. Vice-versa can be searched using the search function to a Plus Code to jump immediately to the right place. In the Web, Google offers its own Version of Google Maps, which displays after clicking on the card the Code of the selected location.

in addition to the Plus of the Codes have now developed systems, which allow a quick and clear identification of locations. One of the more well-known systems what3words, which, among other things, the Deutsche Bahn is involved: It divides the world into 3 × 3 Meter squares and assigns each of these squares is a three-word name. The Berlin Central station can be according to this System under the name.pretty.witnesses.

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