The I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here show is the perfect opportunity for many celebs to top up their bankroll a little. However, it has only now been revealed that they themselves – if things go badly – ​​have to dig deep into their pockets.

Jungle camp 2023 in the ticker log – Djamila gets the crown – and first bursts into tears

Life is not a pony farm. Not twice in the Australian jungle. Gigi Birofio (23), Lucas Cordalis (55), Cosimo Citiolo (41), Jolina Mennen (30) and Djamila Rowe (55) are experiencing this first hand. The five stars are the last remaining in the current jungle camp 2023. They all have the chance to take the crown home tomorrow. We don’t (yet) know who will win the race. But what we do know: how tough the contracts are for “I’m a star – get me out of here”. “Image” has now revealed them.

It’s no secret that the stars and starlets get good money for their time in the bush. But what is new is that the fee is paid in four installments. According to “Bild”, there are 20 percent for signing the contract, and another 20 percent at the start of production. After returning from Australia, 25 percent wait for the candidates and the final 35 percent is only available after participation and compliance with the exclusive period. This means: The candidates must be available exclusively for interviews in the first two weeks after broadcast. Supposedly they have to do up to ten interviews and three TV appearances after the jungle camp.

And the prize money doesn’t come all at once either. The total of 100,000 euros plus VAT will be paid in two parts: according to information, there is one installment in March, the other in summer. But that’s not all.

As “Bild” wants to know from an insider, two different fees are noted in the contracts. “It’s a trick so that if the contract falls into the wrong hands, the correct amount doesn’t come out.” On top there is 3000 euros for the reunion episode, if the exclusivity period is extended, an extra 40,000 euros can even jump out. Not bad. But the candidates not only get money, in the worst case they also have to dig into their own pockets. Depends, pretty deep.

Anyone who agrees to be part of the jungle camp also agrees not to take part in other show formats. This should also be regulated by contract. The following clause is also stipulated: Every candidate is obliged to deposit a valid credit card or cash amounting to 2000 euros in the hotel. The reason: The stars and starlets can’t eat and drink their way through the whole hotel at RTL’s expense. After all: If the star is back from the camp, he gets a daily flat rate of 39 euros. It is particularly expensive if you do surreptitious advertising, do not stay in the camp from sunset to sunrise or even leave the camp. Fine in such cases: up to 30,000 euros.

Lucas Cordalis entered the jungle camp as a favorite. In the meantime, the son of ex-jungle king Costa Cordalis is not only with many viewers, but also with his fellow campers. What is Lucas doing wrong in the jungle? FOCUS online author Melanie Althoff is looking for the answers.

The cat is at the end of its nerves: The stranger drama about her stepfather and the fake allegations against Lucas Cordalis also weigh on Daniela Katzenberger. On Instagram, she explains to her fans that she feels like hell has broken out.

Model Papis Loveday had to leave the jungle camp after 16 exhausting days. The first thing he got was “orange juice and peanuts – with salt”. In an interview, he reveals what was the worst and who he begrudges the jungle crown to.

Lucas Cordalis did not exactly become a crowd favorite in the jungle camp. Even behind the cameras there was little sympathy for Daniela Katzenberger’s husband, as show author Micky Beisenherz has now revealed.

Anne Will surprised a few weeks ago with her soon-to-be talk show – something has also changed privately with the presenter: she is said to be newly in love. Her new friend is 26 years younger and writer Helene Hegemann.

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