He posted a picture of himself and his best friend and wrote: “Hey my dear people, I think it is time the truth get out. Out of my best and long time friend my love @chrisnecka has become.“

Really on the shovel, he was able to take on anyone and many of his Followers knew, immediately, that it may be just an April fool’s joke, finally, Sebastian Preuss was looking for until the beginning of the year as “the Bachelor” is the big love in the TV.

source: instagram.com Followers are not enthusiastic

However, not all of the small joke was well received and many found a vorgegaukeltes Coming Out as tasteless. One wrote: “Somehow I don’t find it funny, to make something like an April fool’s joke.. the demoted again to the LGBTQ Community.”

Many agreed with the commentator and said: “I agree with You There!! A stupid joke!“ Or: “Yes, right next to it. But, that’s all you could expect. Also, the image is a real impudence.“

To his failed April fool’s joke Sebastian commented until now…

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