Two children from the Upper Palatinate are suspected of having planned a serious crime. During searches, the police seized, among other things, explosives and took the 13-year-old into custody. They were admitted to a psychiatric clinic.

During apartment searches in the Upper Palatinate, the police found explosives and other prohibited objects in children. Two 13-year-olds were admitted to a psychiatric clinic in connection with the operation, the police said on Monday. The reason for the search in the district of Neustadt an der Waldnaab was news on social networks. From which there were indications that two children under the age of criminal responsibility may be in possession of prohibited objects and could plan criminal offenses.

During an operation in three apartments, officials secured objects that could be home-made explosive devices or dummies, it said. Airsoft guns, cell phones and computers were also seized. According to initial findings, the explosives were in the possession of a relative. The extent to which there are violations of the law on explosives still has to be clarified. Initially, there were no indications that the relatives were involved in the children’s plans.

According to the information, the objects suspected of being explosive were blown up in a controlled manner by specialists from the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office near the site. The more detailed circumstances of the crimes in the room still have to be determined.