Igor Sivov and Nyusha with the daughter of Simba.

the number of tourists this summer stars recently joined 29-year-old singer Nyusha and her 40-year-old husband Igor Sivov — the couple chose a Russian resort and went to the Crimea. Together with him they took his daughter Simba, which in November will celebrate its second anniversary.

Nyusha and Igor Sivov
Daughter Nyusha and Igor Sivova Simba

the family trip, by the way, went by train, and, it seems, the sound of wheels and the romance of the railroad they liked — the chosen method of travel, they not only did not hide, but also gladly shared pictures of his coupe.

But the specific place of his stay they do not reveal — probably don’t want undue attention during a family vacation.

In the Crimea famous family enjoying sailing, swimming in the sea and showing what it is possible to take the child on vacation.

Igor Sivova, a businessman and General counsel President of the International University sports Federation, the singer Nyusha got married three years ago. When the star met him, he was married (at Sivova also has two children from a previous marriage. — Approx. ed.). In recognition of the actress, she didn’t want to split the family and relationships with married men for her has always been banned.

But often it happens when something you strongly don’t want, it comes into your life, said so.

his Wife Alena Sivova, according to the NYSE, the divorce did not want to give. However, the ex-wife of a businessman had its own version of what happened. She noted that her husband left her shortly after she gave birth to a second child.

I took care of children, their emotional and physical health after childbirth and the death of my mother. And “technical issues” the man took over. But there is a question to the legislation, because divorce is not given at once — waiting for baby will be a year. And then another time for reconciliation give,

she explained in social networks, and also hinted that after breaking up they have Sivov had an intimate relationship.

Spousal debt payment is red,

she said.

However now she supports with her ex-husband and good relationships, Sivov, in turn, takes an active part in the education of their children.