Scientists recommended that the astronauts drink kefir in flight on the moon and Mars

MOSCOW, 16 APR – RIA Novosti. Scientists of the state research Institute of highly pure biopreparations, FMBA of Russia has offered to enter into the diet of astronauts in space prepared fermented milk product, very useful it will be in the far space missions – if missions to the moon and Mars. The conclusion is made on the results of the experiment “Probiotic” on Board the International space station.

“Space experiments performed on the ISS, can provide a positive Outlook for the opportunity in the foreseeable future, production of probiotic products on Board manned space complexes in order to reduce health risks for crews. This technology is particularly important in ensuring safety in deep space (the moon, Mars, libration points) when delivery of cargo from Earth are limited or impossible at all” – the article says scientists FMBA, published in the scientific journal of the cosmonaut training Center.

High quality probiotics, confirmed flight and ground experiments gave scientists reason to recommend the inclusion of dairy product in the diet of astronauts and the composition of their ongoing treatment and prevention measures. “The system they use in flight must be confirmed with additional experiments, then it is advisable to implement a technology pilot, and then regular production of probiotics on manned space complexes” – said in the article.

Experiment “Probiotic” conducted on the ISS in 2016. In the experiment on Board the beverage in which bacteria multiply in drinking milk. The drink has properties against pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic bacteria, antioxidant activity, includes protection from ionizing radiation substances.