Scientists have named the four skills, which should form the school of the 21st century

researchers at the HSE have provided practical recommendations for teachers and offered to teach a class in new ways. Recommendations based on best practices of the most successful countries – Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Japan and rapidly developing in the field of education of Vietnam.

the Most important is the so-called 4 “K”: critical thinking, creativity, communication, and cooperation.

What personal qualities will help you to be successful in the 21st century? Curiosity, initiative, persistence, adaptability, leadership, social and cultural awareness.

What types of basic literacy need to learn a good profession and to be in it? Language, numerical, scientific, digital, financial, civic and cultural.

researchers at the HSE also analyzed as the most important skills 4 “To” relate to our school standards, whether somehow the demands of the time in our programs? It turned out not so bad, theoretically matches a lot.

Photo: iStock Professor msupe told, why students find it difficult to learn

But the question is, what lessons should be carried out in new ways. For example, can help “flipped” lessons, when the student is at home reading a theory that examines the question, but the lesson only performs the practical work. However, as our students will be expected to study, if, as shown by the latest PISA survey, we have only 15-16 per cent of pupils-adolescents able to read the text and understand the main idea?

several variants of training – students are given assignments where they are supposed to some answers; group task, when children have a small team or in pairs, and not 45 minutes. For example, the work on the topic or project they are given a week. It is clear that Rassadka at their desks in three rows in this case little good.

it is Possible to offer students the task associated with finding information from open sources. Or tasks that require searching information in other subjects. Computers, tablets, smartphones welcome – where no information environment?

At the end of the lesson and a short interview: I liked the lesson that the student could learn better? And then a panel discussion, and we must take care to spend it as early as possible. On the same day or the next. And most importantly, the teacher ceases to be a broadcaster and become a consultant.