British scientists from Southampton University have created an inhaler for self-treatment of coronavirus. Reported by the Daily Mail.

it is Noted that the device is intended for therapy in the early stage of the disease. According to the authors of the study, if you start treatment COVID-19 at the time, it is possible to prevent the most serious complications, including death.

Inhaler used an experimental drug, which when inhaled into the lungs of the patient and allows the immune system to fight the infection. The scientists explained that in medicine is used a drug called SNG-001, which is a fine dust particles that can get deep into the lungs.

In the study, the inhaler is given to the patients within 72 hours after the onset of the first symptoms of the coronavirus.

currently, several companies in different countries, including in Russia, USA, UK and China, are developing a vaccine against the coronavirus. Thus, the American biotech company Moderna, in particular, is planning to move to human trials in July. Another us company Novavax, sponsored by billionaire bill gates, announced the start of clinical trials of new vaccines against coronavirus in humans in may.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, the pandemic has affected more than 8.6 million people around the world. More than 458 thousand people died from causes related to caused by a new type of coronavirus disease COVID-19. Even more than 4.2 million was recovered.