Outbreak of a new coronavirus infection in Russia will end in late July 2020, the number of infected will reach by this time 524 thousand. Such forecast contains in the research of experts of the Department of information and computer technologies of MUCTR them. Mendeleev, based on the mathematical model.

“a Mathematical model predicts the end of the epidemic in Russia — the end of July, the number infected by the end of July ~ 524 000 people. But I think that in connection with the removal of restrictions in Russia will be a new short wave, which can increase the number of infected COVID-19”, — said in a release on the University website.

the Second wave emerged in the 20’s days of April and brought over 76 thousand cases, its peak on may 10.

the Third wave with a peak of 20 may manifested after the may holidays, also brought more than 76 thousand infected, say the experts. The fourth and fifth wave emerged in Russia after mid-may. In total they brought more than 174 thousand cases, their local peaks have passed on 29 may and 8 June.

According to experts, in Moscow the epidemic ends earlier than in the whole country. This will happen in late June or early July. In total, the city will be about 201 thousand cases.

“it Should be noted that the spread of the epidemic in Russia has not ended. Already with over two weeks of daily increase in the number of infected people in the regions of Russia more than 6 000 infected in a day. This means that in the regions there are pockets of the epidemic. And with open borders inside the Russian cities may experience increased epidemic due migration of residents”, — stressed in the University.