Inexpensive and readily available drug dexamethasone can help to save the lives of many seriously ill patients, diagnosed with coronavirus, say British scientists.

According to the researchers, the inclusion of dexamethasone in the treatment reduces the risk of death by 33% for patients on artificial lung ventilation (ALV) and 20% of patients on ecmo (method of blood oxygen saturation).

Clinical trials of dexamethasone in the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection — part of a massive effort undertaken worldwide to determine the most effective drugs already available to treat Covid-19.

the Drug is cheap, so its effectiveness in the struggle for life coronavirus patients is particularly relevant for poor countries with a large number of cases.

According to statistics, 19 of 20 patients with coronavirus infection does not require hospitalization. Most of the hospitalized is on the mend, and only a small portion of patients in need of ventilation or oxygen therapy.

according to the statements of scientists, that in treating seriously ill patients dexamethasone demonstrates significant efficacy.

Dexamethasone is already used in various inflammatory processes. Scientists have found that the drug can help minimize the damage to the body from the hyperactivation of the immune system in the fight against coronavirus.

Hyperactivation of the immune system dangerous because it causes a “cytokine storm” that can lead to death.

In clinical trials of the drug, which was led by researchers from Oxford University, about 2 thousand of patients in hospitals received in the course of treatment dexamethasone.

the Results of their treatment were compared to the results of treatment 4 thousand patients dexamethasone has not been appointed.

it turned Out that for patients on a ventilator, the risk of death by administration of dexamethasone decreased from 40 to 28% for patients on ecmo from 25 to 20%.

the Head of a group of researchers from Oxford University, Professor Peter Horby says that dexamethasone has shown significant efficiency:

One of the leading researchers, Professor Martin Landray said that of the eight patients on a ventilator can save one thanks to the dexamethasone, and one of 20-25 patients on oxygen therapy.

“the Course lasts for 10 days of treatment and costs 5 pounds (about 430 rubles) per patient. To save one life, it will require an average of 35 pounds. This is a medicine which is available worldwide,” says Martin Landray.

According to the scientist, it follows immediately assign dexamethasone heavy patients. For Lechetion of mild forms of the disease to apply it makes no sense, the expert notes.

Testing already existing drugs for the treatment of Covid-19 held in March. Including testing took place the drug against malaria — hydroxychloroquine. From its use was abandoned because of fears that it increases the risk of death and can provoke the development of heart disease.

Another drug that is being tested — ramdevpir, an antiviral drug, which, as expected, reduces the time of treatment of patients with Covid-19 and helps them to recover faster and return to normal life.

Fergus Walsh, correspondent bi-Bi-si for medical issues.

the First drug with proven efficacy in the fight against Covid-19 — it is not some new and expensive drug. This is an old, cheap glucocorticosteroid.

And here is something to rejoice because it means that patients around the world can now enjoy the benefits of this drug. That is why the main results of clinical trials were published immediately.

Dexamethasone is used from the beginning of 1960-ies for the treatment of various conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. Approximately half of patients with Covid-19 in need of ventilation, it will not survive. Therefore, reducing the risk of death by 33% is of great importance.

In the intensive care unit the drug is administered intravenously, in less severe patients take it in tablets. Another drug, whose effectiveness has been proven in the treatment of patients with Covid-19 — ramdevpir, antiviral drug which used to treat Ebola.

Ramdevpir demonstrated the effectiveness, reducing the time of onset of the symptoms of the disease from 15 days to 11. However, no data to prove the effectiveness of this drug to reduce mortality, no.

In contrast to dexamethasone, ramdevpir a new drug with a limited number of suppliers, and the price has not been announced.