Science and Technology Daily (China): discovered four types of aging of the human body

Some people at the age of 60 still have a healthy heart, but are suffering from kidney disease. Some in 30 years, despite healthy kidneys, often suffer from infectious diseases. Why the aging process is so different for different people? A recent study has shown that there are four different “aging” of the human body: the immune, hepatic, renal and metabolic, the paper reported Live Science. The results of the study were published in the British journal Nature Medicine. The article notes that the type of human aging depends on which physiological system in the body “wear out” the fastest. One day doctors will be able to use this information to advise patients to change lifestyle and develop personalised treatments.

Scientists have identified four different types of aging

According to a recent study, scientists within two years of blood, genetic material, proteins and other products of metabolic processes 43 participants in the experiment. During observations it was revealed about 600 so-called “markers of aging”, whose values can be predicted functionality of some organs and to assess their “biological age”.

the study group had 43 participants divided into groups and identified four different types of aging: immune, hepatic, renal and metabolic. According to the degree of aging of biological systems subjects, some people fall under one category, while others may meet the criteria of all four.

for Example, people with the immune type of aging was discovered more inflammatory markers; people with the metabolic have increased blood sugar levels, indicating a lower efficiency of glucose metabolism in their body. The authors of the study also revealed that in the process of aging it is possible to combine several types of aging.

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study Leader Michael Snyder, Professor of genetics at the Medical faculty of Stanford University, said that previously, scientists have collected markers of aging of a huge demographic. Researchers have identified markers of aging, by comparing the data of young men with older data, but such data was only possible to judge the condition of an organism at a certain time, but does not reveal its changes with age. This means that the demographic markers of aging may not be the best criteria to determine the characteristics of aging patients and what treatment methods are most effective for them.

Bearing this in mind, a team of Snyder hoped to identify differences in markers of aging in individuals, tracking changes in indicators in certain groups of people over time. The age of participants ranged from 29 to 75 years, each of them in two years had taken at least five biological samples. After analyzing the data and identified four types of aging.

“Perhaps there are other types,” said Snyder.

He explained that, for example, one of the subjects belonged to cardiovascular aging. This means that his heart muscle “wore out» faster than other organs. “With the deepening of research likely to identify new types of aging,” said Michael Snyder. — If we examine a thousand people, I’m sure that will be found and other people with cardiovascular type of aging, so we can better study the characteristics of this type”.

the results of the study will help to develop personalized therapies

a Team of scientists will continue to observe the subjects to determine what changes occur in their body during the aging process over time. They also plan to develop a simple method for determining the type of aging that doctors can quickly assess the health of patients directly in his office and to develop the best treatment plan.

James Kirkland, head of Mayo clinic, one of the world’s top research centres on ageing, was not involved in the study. He said, “you May be able to slow down the aging process by using certain drugs, diet and a healthy lifestyle. But first we need to know what medications would suit different groups of people or which types of diets will be most effective.”

Although drugs, diet and physical exercise can slow some signs of aging, but some of the markers of aging are not fully understood, the researchers note.

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for Example, 12 participants in the experiment of Snyder had reduced markers of renal failure, 8 of them took statins. This kind of markers is a kind of “waste” called creatinine, which accumulate in the blood during the destruction of muscle tissue, but the kidneys filter the substance, and then remove it from the body with urine. The decrease in serum creatinine from eight people taking statins suggests that drugs improve kidney function. However, it is not clear why this decrease was observed in the other four.

the Researchers also found that with age the concentration of certain microorganisms, but it is unclear how this affects health. From the point of view of Snyder, micro-organisms proliferate due to age-related changes in the body, while others may facilitate these changes.

in addition, researchers have revealed that there are differences between the types of aging patients with diabetes and patients at prediabetics condition as well as in people who are sensitive to insulin. Many studies show that insulin plays an important role in the aging process throughout the animal Kingdom. However, more research is needed to determine the effect of insulin on the aging of the human body.

According to Snyder, in the near future the types of ageing can become a key indicator of how well people take care of those organs that age faster. For example, the adherents of cardiovascular aging will be able to focus on improving the health of the cardiovascular system and when you pass a medical exam to pay more attention to the condition of the organs of the system.

“as you learn information about such patients we will be better able to monitor the aging process of people and to understand what measures they took to slow down this process,” Snyder said.

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