The company is responding to its own information, in order to the significant decline in demand in customer industries such as the automotive industry. There, the production has led various manufacturers stop to a decline in sales for several establishments at a different production location, such as BASF announced on Monday. Of short-time work employees working in plants in which engineering plastics, water-based coatings and foams to be produced are affected first. The companies assume that the short-time work will initially be over a period of time for some of the operations necessary, said Director Colin from Ettinghausen. It’ll be all set with this difficult Situation, in solidarity deal. The works Council chief at the site in Schwarzheide, Klaus-Peter Müller expressed confidence that the crisis could be well-mastered. “To handle the effects of the decline in Demand in the markets as compatible as possible, we must keep well as the site overall, more together.”

black Heath, according to the chemical company, one of the largest production sites of BASF in Europe. At a different location, among other things, base paints, and plastics are manufactured for the automotive industry, active substances for plant protection products and foams for sports shoes, and mattresses. Headquarters of the chemical company in Ludwigshafen, in Rhineland-Palatinate.