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had was 150 pages long, the document, the Christiane Kastner for the
school inspectors prepared to read. She had discussed it with their colleagues in countless conferences and planned. What is our mission? How does our funding concept? We have a focus on music or maybe languages? The Grund – und werkrealschule Baden-Württemberg, worked on graphs and charts. Many Overtime hours were incorporated in the report and many of the teachers were very excited: “I hope you don’t come in my class,” it said.

As a response to the poor performance of German pupils in the Pisa-study have been introduced since 2005 in all of the länder of school inspections. You should determine the Strengths and weaknesses of the schools and helping them to be better.

they are called everywhere else: an external evaluation, for example, or focus of the evaluation, school visitation, school feedback, or quality analysis. Because education in Germany is the responsibility of the States, do not differ in the individual countries, only in their school, the range of Subjects or in the implementation of the baccalaureate, after eight or nine years. No, for the school inspection 16 provinces, and 16 concepts. After all, there is the attempt of the understanding between the countries on the conference code. On their Website, isolated countries, however, only erratic reports.

And as different as the concepts, as different as the experience. In some länder, the school inspection will be suspended in the meantime, in the other you will be re-organised. In lower Saxony, in Hesse and in the Saarland, just a new concept. In Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, and Bremen, to work on it.

the failure of the school inspection?

Nothing compares

“Actually, it all originated rather from the gut,” says Marcus Pietsch. The educational researchers of the Leuphana University of Lüneburg is concerned with the inspection of schools since its introduction. The ministries were oriented towards concepts such as the Netherlands or the UK. Since then, the data and documents of the school to look specifically for the inspection of trained teachers, a visit, or several days, take part in the classes, conduct Interviews with students, parents and teachers. They are mostly teachers optional teacher or Deputy. Be examined many parameters: the quality of teaching, the school climate, school management, the professionalism of the teacher, inclusion, and support concepts. In the end, the inspectors write a report with concrete suggestions for improvement. At least in theory.

Pietsch says it is shown that an external Evaluation improve the school quality really: “There is a lack of Evidence for its effectiveness, also internationally. The evaluation methods have changed and are very inconsistent. We can cycles of the Survey and procedures do not compare.”

a Lot of time, money and staff, so seem to have been provided for evaluations, which it is not clear whether they lead to a General significant result.

progress for individual schools

Henrik Schödel and his Sophie elementary school in Hof in Bavaria, was worth the Evaluation. The reports of his school in front of three and five years ago had highlighted many Strengths, says Schödel. “To get a confirmation for the great work, and good times.” Both the weaker as well as the talented students would be well-promoted, according to Reports.

criticism have gym only for the ailing, and the lack of a dining room. With the defects certificate Schödel had something in Hand, which he will present to the city. Now his school has a canteen. However, his school had operated prior to the Evaluation, enormous effort, he admits. His colleagues and he would, of course, tries to present itself from the best side. “As in the case of a job application.”