School gets back in shape

Almost since the introduction of distance education in Russian schools because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus parent chats that bottled up anxiety. On the Internet there was even a petition to prevent nursing schools online on a regular basis. No added confidence and a recent survey on the attitude to distance learning conducted among students and parents, the Institute of age physiology of the Russian Academy of education. In the questionnaire there was no option of negative response.

distance learning is difficult for students, and for teachers and for parents, so it is easy to understand such an emotional attitude to the subject, said the head of the Federation Council, during an online briefing Monday. To dramatize the situation there is no reason, said Valentina Matvienko. “This topic is not discussed. To replace the General inpatient education distance learning – believe me, it is impossible, unacceptable, and none of such decisions has no plans to accept it,” she said.

“Live school live the University, communication with a teacher or a teacher – I mentioned this – nothing will ever replace”, – said the speaker. Classroom training is an important basic principle of the Russian school, she said, not only from the point of view of the quality and effectiveness of training but also for socialization of children and youth.

Another thing – when “remote” is entered involuntarily, so as not to interrupt learning in special circumstances, such as now. Recent weeks have shown that the education system was unprepared for the entire country is covered with online training. “Therefore, we discuss how to make the case of what distance education has worked smoothly, effectively, that teachers and lecturers were prepared for this format”, – said the head of the Federation Council.

She also invited anyone who conducts research, “very carefully ask questions of the citizens.” “Because any unprofessional a question – he meets up with a concern, people begin to worry and take it as a given, as the decision. This can not be done”, – said Matvienko.

“again, we should not reject everything new and of the opportunities offered by distance education, but only in those cases where it is appropriate, when it complements the quality and effective regular education,” she added.