the city of Lokeren, is expected today to bad news is to get the license. “We know that just a week ago,” says the president of Louis smith. “We were able to make the requested guarantees are not present, and an open call is placed for the license manager to us that a licence would not be possible.”

it’s a negative licensing does not in the end have to do with the club, ” says smith. “We have the opportunity to appeal to the BASS, and who also take them. Last week, we have been working with a potential new buyer. We hope that he will be the club’s take over and the BASS have a license for them to deliver. The beginning of the next week, we expect some good news.”

now, The new prospective purchaser must have a four-million-euro debt to pay off, and in addition to a sum of to invest in order to the club to feature in 1B. “In the best interest of the overnamegesprekken may be, I have no further details as to the identity of the potential investor, ‘ says smith. “I can only confirm that it is a foreign-piste going.”
More about the Sporting Lokeren, here are the five problem areas for the license, If, when a new name is SJOTCAST. Denis Odoi: “I don’t understand Wayne Rooney, however. Football players aren’t the only rich people in the world who now have to contribute to it.” SJOTCAST. Olivier Deschacht: “in the old days, you had to be me and not speak when I am lost. Have a drink afterwards, and there wasn’t a more in Episode 31 is now online! The players and the staff, the technical unemployment, the end of becoming close to for the Scenery? “We seem to be heading for bankruptcy”