thank you. Since my first world Cup participation in 2018 in Copenhagen, I’m in pursuit of this goal. At the time, I talked for a long time with Roman Josi. He said to me that he understand, which is why I try not to change.

The possibility was previously not even. I’ve never thought about it, had other priorities, wanted to improve myself always. The NHL was not an issue. In the last three years, I have made under coach Kari Jalonen huge progress. I feel good and have therefore over the more self-confidence.

I have no idea what to expect, whether you know me in Ottawa, and what they plan to do with me. I’m 28, have nothing to lose, will give three weeks to Gas and am extremely happy for it.

I’ll be honest: I’m far from the NHL. I just got off the phone with Yannick Weber. He told me it’s 50 to 60 players to be there. I can participate, thanks to a clause in my contract at the Camp and look forward to the extremely to learn something New.

Tristan Scherwey moves on 8. September in the training camp of the Ottawa Senators a. The Camp will take for him to be in the best case, three weeks. Thus, Scherwey is the absence of the master, a maximum of eight games long. The 28-year-old silver hero will return to Bern. Scherwey has extended in the Winter of his contract with the SCB in advance for seven years, has only for the coming season, an opt-out clause for the NHL. And SCB-sports-in-chief Alex Chatelain says: “He has a valid contract with us. It is out of the question that he will ride this season for the Ottawa games best. This is the deal with him.” Scherwey received during his absence, no salary.