136 metres over the gorge of the Salentse in Saillon a a hundred-metre-long suspension bridge between the mountains and the wine floats vines: The Passerelle à Farinet. Anyone who has a fear of heights, comes across as never.

But Christian Constantin has taken this course on the days program, as a Symbol for what is waiting on Wednesday in the Valais. Replacement goalie Anthony Maisonnial has a fear of heights. He pulls his Sweater over his head. “Come On, Anthony. With the Sweater over your head You will miss this stunning view” to talk to him, CC. He takes the Frenchman by the Hand, manages to persuade him to open the eyes. Enjoyed the views, however, barely… But he’s going over.

the CC: “I told the guys that you have to overcome to get to the other side. And receives as a reward a hell of a view. This is exactly how you should approach the game against Xamax.”

“That was terrible”

you should have no fear. But it’s also not wrong to play. Joseph-Samuel Farinet, the most famous Counterfeiters of the Swiss history. The Robin Hood of the Valais, its fake 20-centime pieces, the peasants gave to the paper money end of the 19th century. Century distrusted. A third of all the coins have been counterfeited over the years, leading to higher gluten-the gendarmes to white.

One of those, haute, you would say: Fake power, had Sion 1:3 in new castle on may 9. March delivered. “That was terrible,” recalls CC. Fear, he has not yet. “But very much respect. Because Xamax is better at the Moment than we are. Means: We need a very serious Performance to get to the point that we need to at least.”

Sion must everything

The 1:2 in St. Gallen have alternated by the way, the interim coach, Christian Zermatten and Sebastien Bichard in colorful a row at the line and when to scream. Who has to Say now? CC: “you talk a lot. The preparation we make, as I give myself to also. But officially, Christian is the Coach.”

no longer the coach of the CC today is better than in St. Gallen, where Sion existed after the compensation by the Joker Adryan and consequently lost? “We put the best possible team for the Moment, we are living in.” Almost a bit too much epic for a game of fear.