Actually, Martin Hinteregger is said to have nothing to do with the right-wing extremist Heinrich Sickl – but he has now appeared at a leisure tournament organized by “Hinti”.

Right-wing politician appears at the Hinteregger tournament: Martin Hinteregger has officially ended his collaboration with the right-wing extremist Heinrich Sickl – but now the former FPÖ politician has appeared at Hinteregger’s leisure tournament, according to “Bild”. Hinteregger’s distancing from Sickl made it seem “unbelievable”, according to the “Bild”.

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Eintracht-Star sees himself as a victim: Hinteregger himself sees no fault in himself, he said to “Sky”: “There was a media hunt and I was the center of attention. I’m sure that I was used as a pawn for some political thing.” Sentences that irritate Frankfurt, because Hinteregger conducts all interviews without consulting the club.

Not the only curious “Hinti” statement: The Eintracht defender recently said in the Austrian “Kronen-Zeitung”: “I will definitely end my professional career at Eintracht Frankfurt.” However, his contract with the SBU only runs until 2024 – an extension has not yet been discussed. So is “Hinti” already ending his professional career in two years?