Dana Borisova was invited to participate in the show “Let them talk”, dedicated to Marat Basharova. Also one of the participants was a journalist Mariana said Shah.

During shooting, Mariana suddenly saw that Dana came to the Studio in her shoes. The girl was very surprised, and after the shoot asked Dan to return the shoes, reports the Express Newspaper.

First, however, Borisov refused to do so, explaining his refusal by the fact that she still has a photo shoot. Moreover, Borisov offered to return the shoes the next day – by courier.

And only after the business joined other members of filming, the shoes were returned to their owner.

Presumably, Borisov, arrived in the Studio we forgot it at home “indoor shoes”. But, as they say eyewitnesses, the presenter did not panic – she checked the packs in the dressing room and found the matching shoes.

Instagram followers Borisova wondering why she appears in public in the same shoes?

“Dan, why in almost all photos you are in the same shoes?”

The TV presenter joined in the conversation.

“these are my special shoes Jimmy Choo 40 thousand of Cum, I just go on shooting. The banks, never in my life on the street not wearing, they are awesome and under all that suit. While the second of such a pair I have no way to buy, you know ,what life”.

However, to soften the subscribers Borisova failed.

“the Danochka, all online shops and you “star” can deliver anything, for example from a Department store. You are positioning yourself as a star of world scale, all at your feet, Danochka and things through a courier, too.”

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Borisov do lately over and over again is in the midst of scandals.

Conflict with Volochkova, reasoning about work in escort, a demonstration of a bust on the audience and many other stories not contribute to improving its reputation.

Publish from Dana Borisova (@danaborisova_official) 14 May 2020 6:39 PDT