Airlines are allowed to completely fill the passenger cabin.

Before the beginning of the summer, CPS has made concessions to airlines and transport unit of the government in the matter of the occupancy of the aircraft: the Ministry no longer insists on limiting the sales of tickets by half. Now, the airlines can expect a return of at least part of the flights, if the demand for air travel in June will rise sharply. But even after the removal of the controversial requirements experts call recommendations is poorly adapted to the peculiarities of the organization of air travel and consider it necessary to develop new based on the views of companies and epidemiologists.

the Ministry said “Kommersant” that the recommendations, prepared by the Federal air transport Agency, “there are no requirements for filling (of the aircraft.— “B”) by 50%.” The CPS recommended to apply to the Federal air transport Agency, developed the recommendations. “They just agreed,” — added there. The Federal air transport Agency did not answer questions “b”.

on 18 may, the CPS published guidelines in addition to the requirements for passengers to be said about the need to respect social distance and Seating arrangement of people in the cabin in a checkerboard pattern. To satisfy this requirement, to sell tickets for no more than 50% of the seats in the cabin.

Demand has caused sharply negative reaction of the airlines, which for the return flight at current ticket prices require you to download saloons of at least 70%. Usually the airlines operating at a loss the entire winter season from November and March start to receive money for the sold for the summer season tickets. This year, due pandemic, stopping international flights and restrictions on movement in Russia, the traditional surge in demand has not occurred.

According to “Kommersant”, the Ministry of transport and Rosaviation did not support the requirement to limit the occupancy of the cabin. In particular, the Minister of transport Eugene Dietrich stated that in this case the price of the cheapest tickets will start from 70 thousand RUB Interlocutors “” in the airlines said that they agree to fill the planes by 50% only if the subsidies in the second half of the field, which the government was not ready.

In S7 saying that in a new environment with Seating passengers booking system assigns them through the series and through the place apart, if it allows to make the loading of the aircraft. “S7 Airlines has introduced a phased boarding. Gate economy class passengers were invited for boarding groups. The first group of passengers with seats in the rear of the aircraft after seats in the front of the cabin,” — said in the airline (the practice of many of the world airlines�� used prior to the epidemic, just so passengers are not jostled in the cabin).

the airline clarifies that began to take measures to ensure the safety of passengers at the airport and on Board well before the publication of the recommendations.

In “Aeroflot” have refused comments. However, last week the company announced the introduction of a new order of passenger service, the relevant rules, approved by the resolution of the chief sanitary inspector, and methodical instructions of the Federal air transport Agency and Federal service. Passengers allowed on Board in masks and gloves, the replacement of masks is carried out every three hours, passengers with a temperature above 37 °C are not allowed on Board. Seating in the rules was not mentioned.

The error MSG said that prepared for the implementation of the recommendations. In particular, at the airports route network of flights, all areas and equipment for passenger service — front Desk, Luggage belt and tape systems, payment terminals and other equipment — are subject to regular sanitation. Staff mandatory use antiseptics, protective masks and gloves. Aircraft airlines are doraisamy complex thorough cleaning with disinfectant and antiviral agents of high concentration followed by ventilation of the cabin. In the Russian Association of air transport operators declined to comment.

the Source “” in one of the largest Russian airlines believes that mitigation recommendations will benefit the industry. But even more lenient requirements will not allow the carriers to generate a profit this summer. “People ran out of money, and the demand for transport is not observed. In the best case the industry can get a profit in 2021,” he said.

the head of the Infomost Boris Rybak says that even after the abolition of requirements for the download of the salons not more than 50% recommendations there are many gaps. “Not all airports have television ladders, and passengers can catch each other on the bus during the trip from the terminal to the aircraft,” — says the expert.

He believes that for the normal operation of the industry new recommendations should be developed with the participation of industry players and epidemiologists.

Herman kostryns’ka