punctuality. A lovely word for all who rely every day on the train. In Switzerland, although it is in comparison to the other European countries high. “However, regional and on individual lines, however, it is intermittently on an insufficient level,” need to pass the SBB yesterday at a media conference. “The SBB has made a mistake,” say the Directors.

This informed on the dot. However, the train from Zurich with VIEW on Board, arrived four minutes late in Berne. According to SBB-Definition of a delay. Because the actual arrival was more than 2 minutes and 59 seconds after the scheduled. This is the threshold for the Zugpünktlichkeit. In the past year, a total of 165 million delay minutes were collected. On days with more frequent disturbances, delays of 300’000 passengers. Whether this year will be better, may be greatly doubted.

Nine out of ten customers arrive on time. With this set, SBB wiped out so far, your punctuality problem. All the more surprising is now the turning point. The SBB management is shown on Monday unusually critical. “Three to four years ago were made in the planning of gross errors,” says Toni haene (64), head of the SBB passenger traffic. Even the CEO Andreas Meyer (58) took several times the word error in the mouth. “We have done a good Job of train driver scheduling.”

Because the timeliness issue is also a human resources problem: There is a lack of train drivers – 1000 about five years, as was already in June, the public and planners. “The Situation in the case of the train drivers is very serious,” summarizes the hardness of the Problem. Errors in the demand, use and education planning, the Engineer of happened. On peak days and at peak times there is a lack of these. Episode: “The one piece inside and one piece are under pressure.”

Overdue correction

The SBB are now trying to correct your own personal planning. Annually, the 120 drivers and more. From today to tomorrow the. Even if the recruit course is currently good, and the classes in contrast to the two previous years were now full, as Linus Looser, head of railway production, compared to VIEW of says. The training lasts for 14 months.

The errors in the planning of drivers and train crews, but also the delays in the Pannenzug FV-Dosto Bombardier worry, according to the SBB until 2021 for a “tense operational Situation”. The train is running today, “too often at the Limit”, the “operational areas of the SBB to work frequently in Task-Force mode”, the railway. Relaxation is not even in the next few months in perspective.

the challenge of job sites

In the meantime, the Previous have to pay more. And the SBB are also instructed in the next year to temporary workers. Currently four train drivers by railway staff providers MEV for the SBB are in use. 2020 there will be more to come.

However, the SBB is already warning of a further punctuality problems. “The construction sites to take in the next few years,” said the documents, which were distributed to the media. Reason and another error: The SBB would not have closed the gap when it comes to maintenance support, further expansion had to be taken to work. And 2021 to fill the new engineer and mission planner in the gaps.

“We will have no rapid improvement,” said CEO Andreas Meyer. But because you do not know that the task will be easier, wool tackle the track the Problem now. Because: In the future, the SBB can expect even more passengers on more routes.

Chaos at the SBB travel to

to take On the train rolls, a huge retirement wave. By shaking the SBB in the next few years. To 2024, almost a third of the current stock, you will be missing around 1000 driver, how to VIEW made public.

Due to lack of staff 25 trains per day travelling from falling in this month, between Zurich and Aargau. And because the trains are bursting at the seams, throw the SBB Bellinzona passengers out of the car. Travelers are stranded and pretty upset.

A safety problem with defective doors will be publicized by the tragic death of train Manager Bruno R.* at the train station in Baden AG. The conductor is pinched in a door and dragged along. SBB set up a task force. Their first task: a detailed inspection of all the EW-IV-car. To delays catch up, let the SBB in Wil SG, Flawil SG, Uzwil, SG, Gossau SG passengers waiting at the station just.

CEO Andreas Meyer (58) announced his resignation no later than the end of 2020. Already now it is clear: He will not see a calming of the situation more as a CEO of the SBB.

Between Bern and Olten AS a tree loses machine Oil. The so-called track 2000 track must be locked – to the Anger of many commuters. VIEW reports, such as the lack of staff makes the railway staff sick. Just under 30 drivers are missing every day. First Burnout cases will be publicized. Finally, it must turn on SBB-President Monika Ribar (60). It promises improvement. Due to driver shortage, the SBB must on one line between Solothurn and Basel on a weekend in mid-month, a day-long buses instead of trains to use. Noël Brühlmann

*Name known to the editors