politicians have had enough of the Pannenzug: you want clarity about the delivery problems with the new SBB Double-Decker FV-Dosto from Bombardier, and the black Peter game between the canadian manufacturer and the Swiss Railway company.

Therefore, SBB CEO Andreas Meyer (57), Bombardier-Switzerland-in-chief Stéphane Wettstein (59) and Peter Füglistaler (58), Director of the Federal office for transport (BAV), you must enter today before the transport Commission of the national Council. 50 critical questions you have submitted, the politicians expect: Who is to blame for the train debacle? When will delivered the rest of the trains? A party to the contract was brittle? When can give the Federal government the definitive operating licence? Not have made the SBB precautions that such incidents occur in future orders?

13 at the transport Commission at a media conference on the results of the breakdown session. An hour later, Meyer and Wettstein, then, also in front of the media to inform about the further steps in the introduction of the Pannenzugs. VIEW live reported.

What’s in the Pannenzug-armed?

The breakdowns of trains employ SBB and Bombardier for nine years. In 2010, the SBB had cars given to the canadian Zugbauer the contract for 59 double – deck trains-with a 1.9 billion-the largest order in the history of the state.

Originally it was planned to hand over the trains in 2013, the SBB. Due to numerous requests for changes and numerous technical problems, the delivery was delayed several times. Added to this was a dispute with disabled people’s organisations, from their point of view, the equipment of the train to little disabled access.

When the train finally came to the rails, did not need to wait for the next breakdown with a long. Due to the constant interference of a Bombardier must be technicians on each trip.


passenger traffic-in-chief Toni haene (63) made in the plain, who from SBB’s point of view, to blame “The manufacturer. It’s like when you build a house. The door does not work at the time of acceptance, it is also clear who is responsible.”

Bombardier has repeatedly stressed that the new amendment to the desires of the SBB have also contributed to the delay – an estimate of the share experts.

slugfest expected

For SBB-chief Meyer, the hearing will, therefore, not a walk. How to LOOK white, to be questioned in the Commission today, all three guests at the same time. In particular, between Meyer and Wettstein that leaves a nasty slugfest, with mutual recriminations and defense talk to be expected.