A serious accident occurred on the A2 near Burg in Saxony-Anhalt on Tuesday afternoon. The number of confirmed dead rose to three in the evening. The salvage work has been completed.

Three people died in a rear-end collision on Autobahn 2 near Burg in Jerichower Land (Saxony-Anhalt). It was initially known that a truck driver drove into a traffic jam on Tuesday afternoon and was fatally injured, a police spokeswoman said in the evening.

The truck and a car with a caravan burned out completely at the accident site, about 30 kilometers from the Brandenburg border. The salvage work has been completed, a police spokeswoman said on Tuesday evening.

In the rear-end collision, the truck had pushed a car with a caravan onto a truck driving in front. The collision caused the truck to catch fire, police said. The fire therefore spread quickly. A thick cloud of smoke formed at the scene of the accident. The fire brigade began the rescue work in the early afternoon.

However, these were particularly difficult because, according to the police, the car was a hybrid vehicle. It had to be flooded because of the battery in a special container, said the spokeswoman. During the extinguishing work, the A2 was completely closed in both directions. According to the information, traffic in the direction of Hanover was diverted at the Burg-Zentrum junction, in the direction of Berlin at the Lostau junction.

The A2 is an important east-west connection. Again and again there are serious accidents involving trucks. On Tuesday morning near Marienborn (Börde district) on Saxony-Anhalt’s border with Lower Saxony, a truck drove unbraked into a traffic jam and pushed three other trucks into each other. Three truck drivers were seriously injured, police said. Several liters of operating materials were distributed on the road and in the embankment. The Autobahn was still closed in the direction of Hanover in the evening.