Don’t feel like cooking again and the frozen pizza has to be used? So quickly into the oven with it. But wait – just like that, without preheating? Is that even allowed? The package says “preheat the oven to 180 degrees”! One may!

Because this information has a very simple reason: Manufacturers of frozen goods and also recipe authors can calculate better and make a better statement as to when your food will be edible. Preheating is therefore usually superfluous.

But as is always the case, there are exceptions. Preheating really pays off for dishes that are cooked for a very short time and at a very high temperature. For example with soufflés, biscuit dough, fish or meat. With frozen pizza, bread or casseroles, you can completely do without preheating. But feel free to look down the pipe from time to time. Of course, this changes the specified baking time – and the pizza only tastes half as good when burnt … or not at all.

By the way: even the federal government recommends not preheating to save energy. This allows energy savings of up to 20 percent. Even if you use circulating air instead of top and bottom heat, you save energy. This way you can set the temperature up to 30 degrees lower.

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