Shortly before the end of the year, sales in the German retail sector fell slightly. This is the result of a survey by the German trade association. This is good news for consumers. FOCUS online says where prices are falling now and what you should buy in January.

For weeks, the German retail trade has been happy about ringing cash registers and rising sales. But just before the New Year, the trade ran out of breath. This is the result of a recent survey by the German Retail Association (HDE). The third weekend in Advent 2022 was affected here.

“The development of sales and customer frequency fell short of the expectations of many retailers,” says HDE General Manager Stefan Genth.

Around 400 retailers were asked how satisfied they are with the Christmas business so far. So it wasn’t half. The sobering conclusion of the HDE: “There were no highlights. With the ongoing pandemic and the effects of the energy crisis, the framework conditions are extremely difficult,” says Genth.

The HDE expects a total turnover of 120 billion euros for the months of November and December 2022. Adjusted for price, this corresponds to a severe loss of minus four percent compared to the previous year.

Everyone feels the high inflation in their wallets. Everyday goods have also become very expensive in recent months. In this e-paper we give you tips that pay off immediately in hard cash: be it because you adjust your consumption behavior here and there – or use clever helpers such as apps to save.

The shopping slump in November and December can now become interesting for consumers.

Many dealers start with the sales offers. If you’re quick now and go hunting for discounts, you can get pieces from the current collection at a low price. On top of that! Shortly before the new spring collection, many retailers make room in the warehouse and sell off the winter goods.

Because business has been sluggish in many places, consumers can hope for many bargains. In some cases, discounts of up to 60 percent are possible.

Consumers can save from the first week of January

If you want to save more money, you should use vouchers, bonus cards or memberships with retailers. In many cases, this further reduces the discounted price.

Chocolate, sweets, wine and champagne are also cheap from January. Prices had risen sharply here in November.

In January and February it is also worth investing in summer goods. Suitcases, bathing suits, bicycle accessories and garden furniture are cheap during these months. Prices will increase sharply from April.

Most insured persons in the statutory health insurance companies have to pay significantly more from January. The additional contribution increases and at the same time the contribution assessment limit is raised – but your health insurance company no longer has to tell you personally. That’s why we do this.

“Hidden tax increase” and “campaign” – the current dispute over inheritance tax is a hot topic. Behind this is a change that could affect many real estate heirs. The most important points at a glance.