Throughout the year, Marjorie Thibault prepares for the holidays by accumulating points at different brands. In December, she goes shopping using all her points converted into dollars and hunting for deals. Clever, you say?

“It takes patience, diligence and organization,” says the Beauport resident, mother of two boys aged 8 and 10. We must keep in mind that we do not go shopping when we feel like it, but rather when it is the right time. »

It’s all in the planning. Marjorie starts early to follow the specials in the supermarkets. She watches for deals on foods that go into her Christmas recipes: meat such as beef and pork, shrimp, cheese, pâtés, sausages, etc.

At the checkouts, she pays, as much as possible, with points accumulated through different programs. The most advantageous, according to her? That of PC Optimum which includes Maxi, Provigo, Esso and Pharmaprix. “If I collect 200,000 points, it’s worth $200,” she explains. I already have $75 accumulated. I make a list of what I need and wait until it’s on sale to get it. »

If it’s meat, it freezes. Or she cooks, then freezes the meals.

“The guys want a PS5 this year,” says this respiratory therapist. I’ll use my accumulated points to purchase gift cards from Best Buy when they’re on special. It’s a great deal to get a $50 card for $40! The game console isn’t going to cost me much in the end. »

Since she has the Costco “executive” membership card, she receives a rebate in the form of a check in September. This year, that goes up to $500. And once again, she is patient: she goes through the flyers and monitors the website, looking for discounts on the products she wants for the holidays.

She is also eyeing Aliments M stores

Marjorie also scrupulously collects points at Metro and the Société des alcools du Québec.

In total, she follows eight to ten plans or tips to save money on her holiday meals. And she refuses to take credit for her creativity.

“It’s not me who’s hot,” she exclaims, “it’s the members of the Facebook group Bienvenue chez les cheaps who inspire me! I consider that every year, with everything I take the time to do, I save $1000 on my budget. I think it’s worth it! »