John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever suit fetched $350,000 at auction.

The white three-piece ensemble, which the actor wore in one of the most famous scenes in the 1977 musical film, found buyers at a sale held online as well as in person this weekend in Beverly Hills. The auction house Julien’s Auction, which organized the event, confirmed the news through a press release.

The company also confirmed that the comedian’s second costume got buyers excited: the one he donned in 1994’s Pulp Fiction, as hitman Vincent Vega. This suit went for $44,000 CAD.

Other items that convinced fans to open their wallets include Warren Beatty’s yellow coat in Dick Tracy (C$123,000), Michael J. Fox’s flying skateboard in Back to the Future 2 (C$123,000 ), Keanu Reeves’ costume from John Wick 3 (C$18,000), and one of Dumbledore’s character wands from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which sold for C$176,000.