Hamburg – It attracts a fresh breeze into the house.

In the case of the SPD, nine deputies took 35 years in the citizenship, in the case of the Green there are a total of eleven. The Latest: Sarah Timmann (22, SPD), from Barmbek and Pink Domm (21, Green) from Wandsbek.

The town hall-chick!

Sarah Timmann (22) is the youngest SPD member of the state Parliament in Germany photo: PublicAd

Exciting, like Timmann came to politics: “I was 15, a year in the United States. In front of a Ball, there was a make-up service. As my host parents saw that the makeup artist was openly gay, they are broken out in tears, wanted to put me in the car.“

As for the law student is clear: “I would like to hire me against intolerance and for social justice.” Your themes: Amateur sports promotion and justice.

Domm was already back at school for climate protection, has been the national spokesperson of the Green youth.

Pink Domm (21) is the youngest member of the citizenship photo: PublicAd

The psychology student: “We want to give back to the city of the people. In the Ring 2 of the wheel, and pedestrians should have priority. Hamburg should be up to 2035 in a climate-neutral. Routes need to be safe. The car is soft in many Places, half of the people in the city has none.“