been found by his parents missing girl is found dead in a urban accommodation in North Rhine-Westphalia. The police announced, has housed the body of 17-Year-old on Sunday evening, on the edge of a commercial area of the city of Sankt Augustin near Bonn, in the accommodation, the homeless and refugees, discovered. The murder Commission.

A suspect was arrested: According to the news Agency AFP, and the Bonner General-Anzeiger is a 19-Year-old, who owns both a German and a Kenyan passport. The police informed.

That the killing of the 17-Year-old to a crime of passion, is not excluded according to the police. Through social networks, text messages were sent between the girl and the young man. This news would have led the investigators on the trail of the arrested suspects.

last Friday was reported to the young people from the Rhineland-Palatinate Unkel by their parents as missing. As the WDR reported, citing the police, had to visit the girl friend, was there but never. Therefore, you have reported to in the two days following her Disappearance a number of times by mobile phone in Known.

In the result, at least 150 police officers and firefighters began the search for the 17-Year-old. The forces were looking for with ten divers in a lake in the Saint Augustine district of my village. There, walkers were seen in the afternoon, the clothes and purse of the girl. Later, the Federal Agency for Technical relief, as well as a dog squad were called in. A helicopter of the Federal police was also in use. The investigators also had a drone with a thermal imaging camera upgrade.

responders found the Dead finally, against 20 clock in the refugee accommodation in the Saint Augustine district of Menden. This is a path on the edge of a commercial area next to a railway.

According to information provided by the volunteer fire brigade, with all available forces, assisted emergency chaplains, relatives of the victim. Also the mayor of the city, Klaus Schumacher, got a picture of the situation.