Sands revealed the details of the visit of Putin in Kommunarka

“As a rule, the arrival of the President somewhere preceded by preparatory work, the arrival of an advance team. Now we were riding without training at all”, – told in interview to the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin” (VGTRK), the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, reports the website Вести.Ru.

Photo: Alexei Druzhinin / RIA Novosti Russian President personally checked the work of the hospital in Kommunarka

“All defined in the course,” said Peskov. Even the head physician Denis Protsenko didn’t President coming.

Vladimir Putin himself decided to go to the infectious diseases unit. “His style, he prefers always to see with your own eyes how things stand at the forefront. Putin would not be Putin, if he hadn’t decided to go there. As for danger, every precaution was taken. He was already dressed in the iconic yellow suit” – reminded the representative of the Kremlin.

Professionals can say to the President about the undesirability and the increased risk of taking specific decisions, “but in these situations, to dissuade him very hard,” said Sands.

In a special area of the hospital the President was no security personnel, one. “It’s about the same as he was flying the fighter, he was also one and the pilot” – compared to the press-Secretary of the head of state.