a set of measures to be taken to sanatoriums and pensions, contained in the “Recommendations on the organization of sanatorium-resort institutions in conditions of maintaining the proliferation risks COVID-19” (letter of Rospotrebnadzor from 21.04.2020 No. 02/7505-2080-24). In Association of organizers of health tourism has prepared a counter-letter, proposing to reconsider some of the excess, according to industry representatives, decisions.

“the Conversion of number Fund in the preparation of walls, furniture and floor requires that the full amount of repair works, the term of which for some objects can range from three to eight months, says the letter. – Spa facilities are the healthcare organizations and is able to provide a high level of quality activities for disinfection and prevention of infection. However, if all the recommended measures to ensure compliance with the basic level of service will become impossible, and this will inevitably lead to the failure of the majority of potential tourists from traveling to the resort. The highest risk due to current probability of simultaneous closure and transition to the regime of the Observatory in case of detection of infection in any of the guests”.

industry Representatives think it is possible to maintain in force before the introduction of restrictions on the order of settlement, not to settle in a sanatorium overnight shifts of at least 14 days, and to leave the opportunity to vacationers to determine the time of your stay. “Dispersal” arriving guests will not accumulate the group arrived in the halls, at the registration table upon check-in, reads the letter of the Association.

the Requirement to relocate the campers one in the room will reduce the number of people staying in motels and will reduce the profitability of his work. The Association suggested possible “to admit the room was not one subject to the filing of the application and written consent to settle in one room”. The requirement to seat guests in the dining room one also looks too strict – if we are talking about a family or group holding the rest together. It is also proposed to discuss the requirement of wearing masks vacationers: in the recommendations provides that masks should be available in the territory in unlimited quantities, and the sectoral managers want to limit “necessary” in the calculation of the campers and staff.

recommendations the position to remodel the rooms so that the walls, ceiling, floor and all the furniture stood out disinfection, too hard, say the representatives of the industry. They are asked to allow a “daily preventive disinfection license plate Fund by treating the surfaces of furniture, equipment, beneath��ANNIKOV, doors and doorknobs, Windows… during the daily cleaning of the room”. And thoroughly disinfect the room and bathroom after check out the next guest of the sanatorium, as well as strengthen it in case someone gets sick.

Prepared from the industry and proposals for the disinfection area resorts so that you can save a favorable microclimate, because most of the resorts are located in ecologically clean natural zones.

a Separate set of proposals concerns the staff requirements. The Association asks “not to oblige sanatorium organization to provide laboratory staff survey on novel coronavirus infection COVID -19 with a frequency of 1 time per week in the low availability of tests and a long waiting period for results.”

“the Full implementation of the entire scope of the measures envisaged by these recommendations, in the opinion of all members of the professional community, it is not possible as it requires a very long time and cost the scope of works to bring the number of rooms and infrastructure to the required state of readiness”, – emphasized in the letter. Industry representatives believe that the anti-epidemic and sanitary measures must conform to a specific situation, that is, to be more flexible.

“the Russian newspaper” has addressed for explanations to the CPS.

“the document is a recommendation for future steps, when the work of sanatorium-resort organizations will be allowed, but the risks of rasprostraneniya coronavirus continues, – said the Federal Supervisory service on request “RG”. – The Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human welfare developed various guidelines for businesses for the implementation of their activities in terms of conservation risks the spread of a new coronavirus infection. The recommendations are designed to reduce the risks of infection in the implementation of the enterprise economic activity, while maintaining the health of staff and visitors”.

In this case, the CPS established a special email, where business enterprises can send their comments and suggestions for adjustments to recommendations

“Upon receipt of proposals from the sanatorium-resort organizations, they will be considered and taken into account”, – explained in the CPS.

At the same time, the experts have already given the answer to some suggestions of the industry representatives of health tourism. So, the requirement to take no more than one visitor in the room does not extend to family members of the family can live together, says the response of the CPS.

Requirements for disinfection associated with the need to reduce the risks of infection. – insist in the office. As to the requirements for regular testing of staff on coronavirus, in Rospotrebnadzor noted that in the present time with any of the tests no problem, testing is available at more than 530 laboratories across the country registered more than 20 different test systems, including rapid tests.

“If the resort positioning itself as a medical organization, which follows from their proposals, in accordance with the decree of the chief sanitary doctor, medical professionals should undergo testing with the specified frequency, ie weekly,” said the Agency.

otherwise, stated in the response of the CPS, the Agency will consider all comments and suggestions, to weigh the reasonable risks to the health of consumers, not only the commercial advantage of the Spa facilities.