on the one hand, it is a holiday: people are tired, they all want to work, and the Museum must earn money to survive until next season. And on the other hand is absolutely huge responsibility that I’m ready to share with the first visitors, – said General Director of the Museum-reserve “Peterhof” Elena Kalnitskaya. – I look at photos of urban parks: people sitting and lying on the grass, don’t keep your distance, don’t wear masks, but we just want everything we had and it was safe for all to enjoy.

So, as usual, the Peterhof parks this summer will not be the threat of coronavirus imposes certain restrictions. Walk only on a pre-laid routes – they are designed so that visitors as little as possible overlap. About “sanitary distance” in half a meter reminiscent of plates, separators at the box office, marking the entrance areas. At the same time in the famous Park with fountains can be no more than nine thousand people. Guests are required to wear protective masks (you can buy them in vending machines).

Entrance fees and excursion to the Lower Park are sold in electronic form. They are registered and operate strictly at a certain time. When you buy a ticket on the website of the Museum-reserve need to choose the two-hour interval of the entrance to the Park.

having Arrived by this time, guests will be able to log in and spend as much time as you want.

However, this will still be possible to buy tickets on the day of visit in the register. She will give out free tickets preferential categories of visitors.

Despite huge financial losses and restrictions in connection with the pandemic, the Museum has kept ticket prices for citizens of Russia, – noted in the Museum.