Recall that in the rating of Russian regions by PPP development level for 2019 Samara oblast took the first place. At the same time in previous years, Samara oblast shared the first place with several other regions, and last year received a absolute primacy.

This is a very serious achievement, we need to keep these leadership positions. Of course, this requires us to take a very thoughtful, proactive decisions in order to further private partners implement our joint intentions in the region. But it is clear that competition for investors each year is getting tougher. Changing the nature of the development of this competition. In struggle for the investor win territory, where comfortable conditions are created for business and human habitation, – said the Governor of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov.

a Reserve for increase in budgetary investment in the economy remain national projects. They allow to direct additional targeted funds for long term infrastructure projects.

as part of the PPP is being implemented in Samara the largest infrastructure project to create a road with a bridge across the Volga in the international transport route “Europe – Western China”. The peculiarity of the Volga bridge in that almost all of the 25 spans more than one hundred meters. The depth of the Volga river in the place of construction of the object is 36 meters and is four times deeper than in the construction of Crimean bridge. Work is proceeding on both banks of the river: from the village of Klimovka ready two pile Foundation for bridge piers, one from the opposite Bank. Test loads are pile and in the centre of the river Volga. This is one of the most important stages of the construction, which depends on the reliability of the whole structure. Is observed today is given in the beginning of the year the pace of construction, despite restrictions because of the spread of infection. The work is on schedule.

the project road will have four lanes – two in each direction. Highway with a maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour will significantly reduce the time for the trip from Moscow to Samara, will reduce traffic congestion on the dam Zhigulevskaya HPP, will have a significant impact on the economic development of Togliatti. It is expected that the new road will provide transport accessibility and investment attractiveness of the special economic zone “Togliatti”, Technopark in sphere of high technologies “Zhiguli valley”, AVTOVAZ, and companies operating in the Samara-Togliatti agglomeration.

According to the Minister of economic development and investment Samara region Dmitry Bogdanov, today in the region are in work, 73 projects with a mechanism of the state-private partnership. Over the past three years commissioned 14 projects using the PPP invested 6.2 billion rubles, was created 1345 jobs.

a Solid Foundation for new achievements in the sphere of PPP remain industrial parks. The region has two public industrial parks – “Preobrazhenka” and “Chapaevsk”. Their residents are 15 companies invested about eight billion of investment and created nearly four thousand jobs. Along with the state effectively work private industrial parks – “Control”, “Stavropol”, “AVTOVAZ”, the first private agro-industrial Park “Samara”. In addition, the work on the creation and development of two industrial parks within the boundaries of the special economic zone “Togliatti” and “Novosemeykino” in the Krasnoyarsk district.