the game manufacturer Sony announced a true Game-firecracker: The new Playstation is coming! And it’s coming soon. The Playstation 5 will be available for the Christmas business in the coming year in the shops. This, the Japanese company announced on Tuesday in a blog entry. It means: Sometime between September and November 2020, gamers can purchase the fifth Version of the legendary game console.

The Playstation 5 supports according to Sony’s System architect Mark Cerny 8K graphics, 3D Audio, and fast SSD. And another good news, especially for gamers who do not want to require the same: The PS5 is compatible with Playstation 4 Games.

New PS5 Controller

probably The most important Change in the new Generation of consoles: The hard disk is replaced by a much faster Solid-State Drive (SSD), which should improve the load times massively. New all games must be installed on the internal SSD. How big is the be, does not reveal and Sony still. It is clear, however: players will it be possible to install only the Multiplayer or just the Singleplayer part of the game. It is also possible to delete only parts of Games.

Also a new Controller, it will be according to Sony’s announcement, visually will not change much. The PS5 Controller should have a larger battery and improved speakers. The most important Change for the Game-Feeling The familiar Rumble technology is replaced by haptic Feedback. Means that The PS5 Controller allows for a more realistic game experience.

Although the blog entry and previous Interviews with Sony employees now have reached some important information to the Public, there remain many question marks – especially with regard to the Design, and the prices of the PS5. (nim)