Ukraine To discuss the next “national miracle” – the year of the presidency the new head of the country Vladimir Zelensky was enriched by as much as 14 million.

these 14 million in national currency is half a million euros. All in all, the family Zelensky has declared for 2019 year, approximately 28 million (or EUR 1 million). The office of the head of the Ukrainian state did not see such a significant jump in the level of welfare of the presidential couple, neither shadow of corruption. On Bank explained that their boss continues to be the owner of a highly profitable brands “Evening quarter” (worth over 75 million hryvnias) and “make comedian Laugh” (13, 6 mln.). Royalties only from these two brands made up 5, 4 million.

Since may of last year Vladimir Zelensky has ceased to do business, by agreeing to limit their financial appetites only presidential salary. Accountants of public Affairs earned him 208 thousand UAH, or almost 7 thousand euros. The rest is income from the former business.

For Ukraine, sample 2020 annual household income Zelensky – very good

the capital. For those who have temporarily lost their jobs due to coronavirus quarantine, these amounts are exorbitant. However, people are not so much “bother” by asking details of occurrence of 500 thousand euros. People really don’t care “dripped” they have until may 20, 2019 (up to the day of the inauguration Zelensky) or in the period of management Vladimir Alexandrovich Ukraine. About the same boring problems of the “little Ukrainians” and to Vladimir Zelensky. This is evidenced by his recent revelation to fellow citizens like “5 thousand hryvnias – it is a normal income for any of the Ukrainians.” Most likely, the President never thought about what the Ukrainian doctor to live and work a month for a salary of 7 thousand, and the nurse – 3, 5 thousand hryvnia.

According to Ukrainian political analyst Taras Fit, “While Ukraine shamelessly robbing cronies of the President in Krivoy Rog and Kiev, Vladimir Aleksandrovich with the most honest view of “the watchmen”, he is from the bounty of “partners” is also something that fall”.

One of these “greedy sharks” is the present first assistant of the Ukrainian President 56-year-old Sergei Shafir. A very successful producer, is the author of several profitable series, who also founded two media companies, sitting on the most important Nezalezhnosti financial flows.

Independent political analyst Taras Chornovil told “MK” about it is highly unsafe for Ukraine the bill from the deputies of the faction “servant of the people”. The essence of the bill – the possibility of a withdrawal from the e-taxation certain number of senior government officials who are authorized to make important for the country solved��me. “Eyes-only” document called “the law on children born out of wedlock” (although the text on them is not a word). The declarant, according to the authors of the bill, it shall be entitled to withdraw their money and income on children, like living in another place (in another apartment or even in another city). “In this way, Zelensky will under electronic Declaration of his friends that are running them in a narrow circle of people. They become inaccessible for any of the Ukrainian anti-corruption bodies”, – said Chornovil.

Another longtime friend Zelensky, the Chairman of SBU Ivan Bakanov, not so long ago known as владе5льца firms Nueva Socied Tierra Verde Limitada, registered in 2015. Anti-corruption legislation of Ukraine prohibits government employees in parallel positions of leadership in private organizations. Bakanov by virtue of his high public office, the right “not to Shine” the Declaration of income as any of the existing Ukrainian security officers. However, a school friend of Vladimir Zelensky decided to publish the classified document. However, the Spanish company was not mentioned in it. Despite the fact that today appears in the register of legal entities of Spain.

Before moving on to serve in the Ukrainian counterintelligence Bakanov was headed by most of the commercial structures created by Vladimir Zelensky. He was responsible for the passage through the offshore account of these structures. The importance and danger Bakanova for Zelensky is difficult to overestimate.