The discounter Aldi employs a lot of people. It is mainly people from the retail sector who find jobs there. Aldi is divided into the companies Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord. The wages vary accordingly.

Aldi Süd says it pays all of its employees a minimum wage of 14 euros per hour. The exact salaries depend on the respective professional experience, the activity and the tariff area/federal state.

As a salesperson at Aldi Süd, you can expect an hourly wage of 15.57 to 20.30 euros. This is a gross monthly income of around 2,500 to 3,300 euros. Branch managers earn 4,603 to 5,475 euros per month, while deputy branch managers earn 3,281 to 4,411 euros per month.

Anyone who works as a regional sales manager has an annual gross income of 67,000 euros.

Those who are in training at Aldi Süd receive a staggered salary. In the first year of training, the monthly income is 1,150 euros, in the second year 1,250 euros and in the third year 1,400 euros per month.

According to the career portal Kununu, anyone who works as a retail salesperson at Aldi Nord earns an average of 33,100 euros gross per year. As a retail salesperson, you have an average annual salary of 34,600 euros. Aldi Nord branch managers can look forward to an average of 55,000 euros and deputy managers to 40,800 euros. If you work as a manager in regional sales, you will earn an average of 72,000 euros per year.