Caught in action. Former Bundesliga defender Matthias Maucksch is said to have not scanned all the goods at a self-service checkout. He took cheese, salami and veal schnitzel home with him without paying. A security camera caught him.

Shortly before Christmas, Maucksch was shopping in a Dresden Rewe according to “Bild” information. The former defender paid at a self-service checkout, where the goods had to be scanned by the customers themselves. Maucksch left out some goods. He took cheese, veal escalope and salami worth 31.67 euros with him without paying.

A surveillance camera documented the theft. The market then filed a criminal complaint with the police. When Maucksch entered the store again a few days later, he was identified by an employee and confronted. The former defender paid the open sum and also paid a fine of 100 euros.

Through his lawyer, Maucksch admits the fact to “Bild”: “I may have accidentally not properly scanned all the goods.” According to the newspaper, Maucksch is said to have apologized to the market and the latter withdrew his criminal complaint. The ad continues as usual.

Maucksch was active in his career at Dynamo Dresden, VfL Wolfsburg, 1. FC Nuremberg and Energie Cottbus. For the GDR he completed a game against France. Maucksch ended his professional career in 2006. Overall, he comes to 123 Bundesliga games.

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