Sakhalin Chekhov's meeting with the swindler had important consequences for the convicts

And this, of course, not the last, “Chekhov’s” publication “of the homeland” in the 160th year since the birth of our beloved writer.

Sakhalin meeting of the writer with a famous speculator, had important implications for easing hard mode

More than a century the name of this woman do not come from the pages of adventurous novels and criminal investigations. The latest surge of interest was associated with the film Victor Merezhko “Sonka Zolotaya Ruchka” (2007). It is known that the Director was searching for the lead actress. And not paid off by a graduate of the St. Petersburg theatre Academy Anastasia Mikulchina.

Myths and legends about the life of Sonya – one Titisee others continue to live. And all because they have created our heroine, the all-Russian glory. But Chekhov is related a very real story from the life of his extraordinary contemporaries.

Sophia Blyuvshteyn.”Skinny, already graying woman…”

it is known that Sophia Blyuvshteyn was born and raised in a poor Jewish family. But despite the difficulties – learned. Knew six foreign languages, a virtuoso on the piano. And “cool” nickname Golden Pen is not for the criminal, and musical talent.

But destiny, that is, not left. The famous swindler, a fraud… a Slippery criminal path, in the end, and brought it to the convict island of Sakhalin.

Why the Czechs entered into an uncompromising battle with the chief jailer Russia

Here in the autumn of 1890, in solitary confinement in the Alexander exiled convict prison, held her meeting with Anton Chekhov, is so struck by the writer:

“It’s a small, skinny, already graying woman with a crumpled, old-womanish face. In the hands of her shackles. […] Looking at her, not veteach; more recently, she was beautiful to such a degree that fascinated his captors”.

the ceremony she came for the escape from the Siberian prison and the first time, as all exiled here women who lived outside of the prison a free apartment. Officially Sophia was listed as a landlady leavened benches, where they cooked a “great brew”. Then built a merry-go-round scored of the settlers small orchestra, found among the vagrants magician, staged performances, dances, celebrations. But “call of freedom” does not give rest. For another attempt to escape (to do this, she dressed up as a soldier) Sonya was arrested and chained.

“Of women, wrote Anton Pavlovich, – when I was clad only one Golden Pen”.

she Wore these manacles bracelets two years and eight months.

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov before leaving for Sakhalin. Photo: RIA Novostimoscow for Chekhov

For the arrival of Chekhov’s the island of the convict earned here the glory of scraptivity. For free nature Sonya regularly and publicly punished with rods. “Representation” was given in the ninth room of the Alexander prison, where to fill up to three hundred people-the prisoners. Naked Sonya laid on “Mare”, and under the cynical jokes and witticisms “public” executioner Komlev started execution. It was a big fan of his work – “put the rod in the rod” so that from under the rod squirted blood. Once with Sonya fainted. The paramedic brought her to her senses, gave a sniff of alcohol and “performance” continued.

So, according to eyewitnesses, Sakhalin life Sonya was described by the famous “king of stories” Vlas doroshevich.

an Exception to being punished only once, in October, 1887: doctors of Aleksandrovsky hospital Surminski and Perlin released the Gold Handle of the cane, as she was expecting a child.

HeHow knew a lot about food and tasty wrote about it

by the Way, doroshevich helped to reveal the “secret” of the famous photo that captured the moment zakovce Gold Pen in shackles. The picture is posed. The collection of photos, brought Chekhov Sakhalin, he appeared only in 1891. Especially for a writer it made and sent through a friend on the ship “Petersburg” Amateur photographer Pavlovsky, the employee of post and Telegraph office.

He apparently specialized in the production, as one would say today, fake news.

the Golden Pen often taken out of solitary confinement in the prison yard, put in chains near the anvil, and made the “scenery”: nearby are blacksmiths with hammers and guards. The photographer may just Pavlovsky, removing the scene of the alleged zasovyvanie, organized a profitable business and made himself “money” by selling cards. Pictures, wrote Vlad doroshevich, “sold tens of all the ships that came to Sakhalin”. Bought them “on foreign ships. Everywhere she was interested in… All travelers take dozens of them…”

most of all, Anton Pavlovich knew nothing about it.

what he saw and experienced on Sakhalin came together succinctly in one word – “hell”. Force angry words the writing was such that immediately after the first publication of chapters from “the Island of Sakhalin,” in 1893, corporal punishment for the exiled women had been canceled. After the authorities abolished the death penalty and corporal punishment for other categories of prisoners; greatly improved the contents of the exiled women. To know if Sonya, who helped her a little to make life easier…

But it is unlikely to hard labor came clever books.

a walk in the shackles. Photo: RIA Novostimoscow for Cyril

In 1898 Sophia Blyuvshteyn, getting a free (with restrictions), arrived on the Dobroflot steamer to Vladivostok. Here on the newly built railroad proceeded to new residence in the village Iman (now – AlnericanSK). Here bought a house, started a trade in kvass. But fame Golden hand gave quietly to age. Case file “On establishing the vigilant supervision of the police for Seydou Blyuvstein, known as Sonya – the Golden Pen living in the station of Iman. 23 Nov 1898 – 2 Jul 1899” (stored in the Russian state historical archive of the Far East) in detail tells the story of the life and times of a convict yesterday. By order of the priamursk Governor-General Grodekov, centurion-filer Piganov followed her every step, providing regular reports “up”.

Basinsky: the Czechs could not endure abstract conversations

to Boast Figarova was nothing: Sophia led a law-abiding lifestyle. Not paying attention to the hostility of neighbors who repeatedly broke Windows in her house. And just as said the detective, greatly missed “by his roommate Cyril Bogdan living on Sakhalin island”, a census card which is filled Anton.

June 17, 1899, the centurion sent the last report:

“Living in the Iman delinquent Sofia Blyuvstein (Golden Pen) sold his house and moved to Khabarovsk. What Your Excellency bring. M. Piganov”.

Next, Sony found a month later, on 10 July 1899.

And again on Sakhalin!

on this day in the parish book is a record of her baptism, the conversion to the Orthodox faith. Here sloppy signature, done with a shaking hand.

Sophia he called the name Maria. With him, she rested at one of the cemeteries convict island at the age of 56 years. And in two years will not be Chekhov.

the Monument to “the grave” Sonka the Golden hand (Sophia Blyuvshteyn) at the cemetery Vagankovsky. 2019. Photo: RIA Novosti

I do Not believe that at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow under the white marble female sculpture with the three bronze trees is the grave of Sonya Golden hand. This is just another myth about it, which are innumerable. Better whomite up a volume of “Sakhalin Island”. Anton Pavlovich is not fooled.