Emily is only seven years old and has been battling cancer for three years. It is now clear that she will lose this fight.

The little girl from Jackerath (Düren district) doesn’t have much time left. A few weeks, a few months. Her uncle Georg Scholl, who lives in Elsdorf in the Rhein-Erft district, has therefore launched a fundraising campaign for Emily “Emy”.

“We want to give her as many beautiful experiences as possible,” he explains in an interview with EXPRESS.de. Each of Emily’s last days should be special. 

The family was made aware on May 15, 2024 how time is of the essence. “The information came that we should prepare for it, if Emy wanted to experience something else, we should do it within the next two months,” said Georg Scholl. The uncle fights back tears. “How do you tell a child that he only has a few weeks left to live?” he says quietly. 

After three years in which Emily was almost exclusively in the hospital, fought bravely and strongly and never lost her courage and her joy in life, the diagnosis came that the doctors could no longer do anything. Georg Scholl: “The tumor has spread again. It was a huge shock for all of us when she was sent home for palliative care.” 

The little girl’s story of suffering began in 2021. “My niece suddenly had problems in her legs,” explains Georg Scholl. In the hospital, this was initially dismissed as growing pains. Scholl: “But my sister remained stubborn, so further investigations were carried out.”

In June, Emily was diagnosed with “stage 4 neuroblastoma,” explains the uncle on the GoFundMe donation page. The tumor was on the kidney and had already spread. 

Emily began a marathon of treatments, including chemotherapy, stem cell transplantation using her own stem cells, radiation and antibody therapy in combination with chemo. All without success. Therapy gave her such severe side effects that she had to go to the intensive care unit.

Her uncle: “It already looked like she wouldn’t make it. The parents should prepare to say goodbye.” But Emily, who is a big fan of Pietro Lombardi and loves his song “Kämpferherz”, actually fought and cheated death again. That was at the end of 2023. 

But for this brave girl, who was almost exclusively in the hospital for three years, spent Christmas there, learned to ride a bike and was not allowed to experience many things that are completely normal for other children, there is no happy ending.

“The tumor is now also on the bones. We can still do things with Emy, but soon she won’t be able to walk anymore,” said her uncle. He is now hoping for donations via GoFundMe, where, among other things, donations have been collected for postman Katharina (28), who is suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome after contracting Covid.

Since Emily’s parents have been in the hospital every day for the last few years and have been supporting their daughter, but the monthly costs have continued, things are not looking good for them financially.

Emily’s uncle Georg Scholl has set a fundraising goal of 20,000 euros. His niece doesn’t have any great desires, he explains. “If you don’t know something, you don’t long for it.” She’s never gone on vacation or just been to the swimming pool.

Whatever Emily’s last weeks on earth look like, it is important for him and the whole family that this time is as beautiful as possible. Georg Scholl says: “We are already overwhelmed by the sympathy.” 

By Iris Klingelhöfer (iri)

The original for this article “Emily (7) loses her fight against cancer: “How do you tell a child that?”” comes from Express.de.