Sabitova indignant words S minimum earnings for men

the Matchmaker of TV show “let’s get married!” Rose Sabitova was indignant with the statement of the singer Anna Semenovich on the minimum earnings for men. In an interview with “Evening Moscow”, she said that the reasoning as actress women usually don’t marry.

Teleshko caught the singer in pride, explaining that this quality is incompatible with life with a man and be fine to be alone. According to her, many women, despite their age, “continue to wander in reality”, and they can only sympathize.

According to Sabitova, smart women “do not bring the man under the criterion “salary””. She advised the girls to choose loving partners who won’t leave them and think about the future. “Generals married, should marry the Lieutenant and help him with his career! Most importantly — you will live not with money, but primarily with nature,” she called.

“How to earn a husband? I like the old Jew answer a question with a question: “who is it?”. Anya has the right to Express their feminine position. But we are talking about relevance in the eyes of men,” concluded the presenter.

23 APR Semenovich told about the minimum earnings for his men. The actress said that could not live with a person with a salary of about 100 thousand rubles a month, which, in her words, “nothing to earn”.