Dudweiler – Why has suspended the police and the population to such danger?

Just a week after Markus tip (46) is said to have stabbed his Ex-girlfriend, Dietlind G. (48) on the sidewalk in the Lortzingstraße, to look for the investigator, only now with a photo of him.

describe the alleged Killer (about 1.80 m, athletic) as probably armed and dangerous! The mother of three children, had to probably die, because they had separated themselves from the industrial workers.

Now the police are the Public looking for him.

“It is assumed that he will stay in Sulzbach valleys and the saarbrücken area, and walk could,” according to police.

His car was left in Sulzbach on a LIDL car Park found. Officials: “We are a strong warning to take before people as a hitchhiker on the road.”

a Yesterday, special forces were also in the vicinity of the Sulzbach valleys bridge, sniffer dogs – unsuccessfully.