penalties for Ryanair and Wizz Air in Italy: The LCAS were not to comply with a request of the competition authority in the past year to stop a new pricing model for hand Luggage.

The airlines would have 60 days to change their baggage policy. The Irish airline Ryanair will have to pay 3 million euros, while the penalty for the Hungarian company Wizz Air is estimated on 1 Million Euro, informed the authority.

travellers can take since November in the standard tariff, only a small bag on Board with you, if you don’t want to pay more. Yet, a rolling suitcase with a certain mass and weight it was free, if he was checked out at the Gate in the cargo compartment. Only against a extra charge two pieces of baggage may be taken into the cabin.

“Distorted price information,”

The Italian competition authorities see the hand Luggage, but as an “essential component” of the air traffic and the new pricing model, an illegal business practice. The traveler had to pay for hand Luggage, extra, not distort, just the real price for air travel, but to lead the consumer astray.

German consumer advocates from the Bundesverband VZBV had criticised in the past, the “distortion of price information.” The German cartel guards but the new Luggage rules Ryanair check.

there was no – different than in other EU countries – responsibilities and engagement, right in the field of consumer protection, said a spokesman for the Federal cartel office. (SDA/Reuters)

those Who book their flight, should check how much Luggage mitdarf. Otherwise, an expensive Surprise threatens, under circumstances at the time of Check-in or at the latest at the Gate. Because Airlines can change their rules. Here is an Overview.