RVIA has published a unique document with the chronology of the storming of the Reichstag

MOSCOW, 16 APR – RIA Novosti. The Russian military historical society (RVIO) on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the Berlin strategic offensive operation the red army published on its website unique documents detailing those events, including the storming of the Reichstag.

the materials of the Central archive of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation presents a genuine battle reports, maps, resolutions and signatures of the representatives of the Soviet military command – from the division commander to Supreme commander.

among them is the report of the commander of the 150th order of Kutuzov of II degree idrizaj the infantry division of major-General Shatilov, the commander of the 79th infantry corps with a description of the battle for the Reichstag.

According to the report, about 9 am local time on 30 April 1945 the building of the Ministry of internal Affairs in a heavy battle with a bypass to the East was cleared of the enemy and part, rapidly moving in a South-easterly direction, came to the area and the close proximity to the Western and southern façade of the Reichstag. Pulling artillery, mortars, tanks, self propelled guns, massive artillery after a short treatment, the Soviet military attacked the positions of the Nazis at the Reichstag building.

Then in the report described the climax of the storming of the Reichstag. “A group of daredevils 756 rifle regiment hoisted the flag on the first floor in the South-Western part of the Reichstag in 30.04.45 13.45 g. (the flag of the army No. 5), 674 infantry regiment — in 14.25 30.04.45 in the Northern part of the Western facade of the building (the flag of the regiment),” wrote Shatila. Purification of the Reichstag of the enemy basically has been finished to 22.00 local time April 30.

It was the evening of 30 April on the Reichstag roof was installed assault flag of the 150th order of Kutuzov of II degree of idritskaya infantry division, which became the Banner of Victory and the official symbol of the victory of Soviet people in the great Patriotic war. The flag hoisted over the Reichstag red army soldier Mikhail Egorov, Sergeant Meliton Kantaria and Lieutenant Alexey Berest.

the fate of the banner of Victory in the days following may 9, 1945 the commander of the 79th rifle corps major General Semyon Perevertkin said in his report to the military Council of the 3rd Shock army.

“the Banner hoisted over the Reichstag 30.4.45 g., I ordered to store and ask the applications to the Marshal of Soviet Union tov. Zhukov, the delegation of the 1st Belorussian front, 3 Shock army and 79 SK could personally hand the Banner of Victory in the Kremlin or elsewhere to our great leader, the beloved Marshal Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin”, – added the General.