Pavel Myasoedov, the director of the IT Reserve company, revealed ways to find out if the attackers got access to a smartphone. Also, in a conversation with the agency “Prime”, he listed to the Russians the signs that indicate the hacking of the device.

According to Myasoedov, in most cases, hacking is the fault of the users themselves. As the expert noted, third parties can get access to the smartphone if the user follows unknown links, uses a password that is too simple or ignores the warnings of the antivirus program.

The head of the “IT Reserve” advised to check the statement of calls and Internet sessions if a smartphone is suspected of hacking. You can get such a document from your mobile operator, said Myasoedov. With it, you can find out the periods when the smartphone is functioning without the knowledge of its owner.

In addition, the expert recommended installing software on the phone that will scan the device for the presence of Trojans — applications that enable attackers to remotely control the gadget.

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The fact that a third party received access to the smartphone may indicate notifications about password changes that the user did not initiate himself, warned Myasoedov. Sometimes a hacked device can send messages involuntarily. If such signs are detected, it is necessary to reset the phone settings to the factory state, install an antivirus and VPN service for safe operation when connected to public Wi-Fi networks, the expert added.

Earlier, Anastasia Ilyicheva, a specialist in the field of digital security, called the best way to protect against fraudsters. According to her, two-factor authentication will help prevent the theft of data and personal information.